The Rise: London Savoy – “Same Language”

The Rise: London Savoy – “Same Language”

R&B Songstress London Savoy Set To Release Her New Single “Same Language” July 14th 2017

R&B Singer London Savoy
London Savoy

I first heard London Savoy a few years ago and It was something about her powerful runs and the raw emotion in her voice that made me take a second look. After listening to a few more records I knew that as she continued to develop she would be a force to be reckoned with. Over the next few years she continued to feed her growing fan base testing the waters with Singles like “Pedestal” & “Thank Your Ex/Put You On” as well as a few covers that she released on Youtube and via social media like Jhene Aioko’sThe Worst” , A Remix to Rae Shremmurd’s “No Flex Zone” and one of my personal favorites which she also dropped a video to directed by Abeni Nazeer, Juicy J’s “For Everybody“. In April of 2017 when I heard the soulful timbres she displayed in “Misunderstood” I knew that she was officially on #TheRise and headed all the way up.

There are many sides to the multifaceted R&B singer/songwriter, London Savoy, but her knack for storytelling through her music is the side people get to experience the most. When it comes to singing and songwriting, her lyrics, reflective of her sorrow and struggles, brings her caring, versatile and empowering soulful voice to the forefront for all to hear.

London is a victor, and has triumphed beyond her circumstances. The lyrics she sings mirror her life and is the reality for so many other men and women facing the same challenges she had while growing up. Through her music a voice will be given to those once silenced.

“I’m about empowering,” said the Baltimore native. “I strive to use my music to be an influence to women everywhere; it’s gritty and it’s real. I represent anyone who has endured hard times in his or her life. My music represents strength and overcoming  life’s obstacles.”

London Savoy Billboard Photo Shoot
London Savoy Billboard Photo Shoot

The budding songstresses began singing in church as a child and later went on to be apart of a girl group managed by Mary J. Blige,  “Just’ Us”,  However, the girl group split up in 2014.

Same Language Cover By London Savoy
London Savoy "Same Language" Cover Art

Fast forward to 2017, and London (22) has reemerged as a solo artist and is pursuing her passion of R&B stardom full-time. She’s releasing her single “Same Language,” under Kings Lifestyle, Para Music Group, The Orchard, and Sony in July 2017. I spoke to London about the record and the inspiration behind it and she said,” It comes from real life experiences of me and my closest girls, it really just came from the heart”. You can pre-order the single now on iTunes & Amazon.