The Rise: Kiiara – Low Kii Savage “Whippin” Up Hits

Kiara Saulters has been racking up millions of Soundcloud streams for her moody, minimal, sharp electro-pop. Last year she released her debut EP, Low Kii Savage, which included her breakout hit “Gold,” a perfect antidote to more maximalist pop and dance topping the charts.

Kiara Saulters is the youngest of three children of Scott R. Saulters (born October 9, 1956) and Jacqueline Ann Tulley (born November 24, 1960). She first attended Saint Francis Xavier Day School in La Grange, Illinois. After her parents divorced, Kiiara grew up in Wilmington, Illinois. She attended Wilmington High School where she played for the school’s volleyball team. While recording her breakout EP, she also worked as a hardware store clerk. She started a studio internship to help familiarize herself with the music process and get practice recording.

In 2013, under her real name, Kiara Saulters, she independently released an acoustic pop single, called “Bring Me Back”.

In June 2015, after signing a deal to Atlantic Records and changing to her stage name from Kiara Saulters to Kiiara, Kiiara released her debut single, called “Gold“. In 2015, the song “Gold” was chosen as background music of a 15-second Apple Watch commercial, titled “Style”. The music video for “Gold” was published on March 21, 2016. Her debut extended play (EP), low kii savage was released on March 22, 2016. The video for “Gold” quickly garnered popularity, reaching at five million views during mid-May 2016.