The Radar: Leaf – Fu*k With Her Magnet Bit*h Movement


New York is beginning to reclaim their city as a breeding ground for emerging artist especially in the Rap & R&B genres with artist like Liana Bank$ and Cardi B. making waves in the industry. This month on #TheRadar we take a look at another female artist looking to claim her piece of the pie with 21 year old Brooklyn bred rapper/singer hybrid Leaf. The commander in chief of M.B.M. (Magnet Bitch Movement) heated up the streets and the internet with the Lil’ Yachty assisted single “Nada” a bold & catchy female anthem. In the official video for the single  below Leaf, Lil Yachty, and a gang of girlfriends from her MBM (Magnet Bitch Movement) crew bounce through a technicolor NYC in the visual (directed by Matt Cohen / Itsbongoboy®). It’s more than just a night out… as Leaf puts it, “this video is about all types of women in New York coming together. You don’t have to be any specific type of girl to be part of MBM. Just be independent – ‘a woman who can provide,’ as Yachty states – and haters can’t say anything to you.” Pull up the jeep and join them!

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Leaf grew up in a musical household and went to LaGuardia high school for performing arts. Her great-grandfather is none other than the famed saxophone player, Jackie McLean. “Music is in my blood,” she said.” I came out the womb knowing exactly what I wanted to do. But I didn’t know exactly what type of music I wanted to make until this year.”

Excerpt Taken From Interview With W Magazine : Article written by Emilia Petrarca

Leaf In A Casual/Sporty Look

It’s been a little over 2 years since Leaf dropped Her EP “Magnet Bitch” and we are all patiently waiting for her first major studio album “Trinity”. She gave the world a taste of what to expect on the album that is sure to satisfy people with all kinds of musical taste with rap, r&b, EDM & acoustic records all in one, with her newest release “F.W.M. (Lie To Me)”. Leaf floats over bouncy production from Soundz, championing a message of self-love and mutual respect. Trinity is going to be a big moment for the young artist. Get familiar below before she’s a household name.

We will definitely keep our eye on Leaf as I expect 2017 to be a good year for her. For now you can keep up with the MBM movement on Leaf’s official website or her Instagram & Twitter accounts as well as check out more of her music on Soundcloud