The Radar: Jaira Burns – Dear World, This Could Get “Ugly”

Jaira Burns blazes onto the scene with new single “Ugly”

Jaira Burns Photo Courtesy Of @jairaburns Facebook Page
Jaira Burns Photo Courtesy Of @jairaburns Facebook Page

One of the greatest joys  I’ve experienced since I started this website is the discovery of new artist who were not previously on my radar. I spend hours each day on sites like Reverbnation, Soundcloud & Youtube where I stumbled upon a Vandergrift, PA (just outside of Pittsburg) native named Jaira Burns. The Interscope Records signee via Upscale Music Group who now currently resides in Los Angeles just recently burst onto the Pop music scene with her relatable & catchy single “Ugly”. If this debut effort is any indication of what’s to come from this blue eye, blue hair vibey songstress, then the industries elite pop stars better get ready because this could get ugly as she aims to rise on the charts. This is Jaira Burns on #TheRadar.

The 20 year old singer/songwriter who’s sound she describes as “dark, pop, gypsy, urban.” delivers a hit with “Ugly”.  The intoxicating single over a vibey dancehall type beat with just enough bass to get you hooked was co-written by Leland and Allie X and produced by hitmakers Cirkut & Billboard. The song has dynamics that are sure to make it stand out as it increases in visibility, It’s relatable & raw, it has a certain originality about it yet it still is very pop which is a deadly combination that’s often hard to execute even by today’s chart topping stars.

The track takes you on a journey of a one-night stand that takes a wrong left turn when someone makes the ultimate hook-up mistake and catches feelings. Big no no. It all seems so great in the beginning with lines like “Sitting in the corner sipping on his gin,” Jaira sings over the hypnotic dancehall beat. “Must be my good karma, it brought me next to him.” She then turns it up a notch on the hook with “It’s fucking good, loving me like you should,” right before dropping the bomb with the oh so true warning, “Baby, trust me, this could get ugly.” By the end of the song Jaira Burns finds her self in a position i’m sure a lot of people both male & female can relate to “Honeymoon is over, roses on the floor,” and “Screaming and accusing, calling me a whore.”

In the music video Directed by Wiissa, Jaira Burns is seen breaking all the rules while traveling through Palm Springs, California after dyeing her hair a bright & bold hue of electric blue, she then steals an old lady’s pink fur coat and her car, a Cadillac, and skipping out the bill at a diner. It’s 100% badass.

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We reached out to Jaira Burns management for an interview and we hope to bring you an even bigger feature on her in #TheRise in the near future. This is one artist who I will be keeping a very close eye on and documenting every step of the way on her rise to the top. Artist like this is what makes what I do such a fulfilling adventure. Tell the music industry to watch out…this could get ugly.